Ahhh, the greatness of the ecigarette!

Well ecigarettes are upon us.  The world has evolved and big tobacco is losing its grip on all of us smokers.  We now have accessories for our ecigarettes like replacement ecigarette batteries, carry cases, chargers, etc.  We can all start breathing easier… pun intended.  Soon big tobacco will jump on the wagon of the ecigarette but until their take over, I’ve been trying different brands and one I’ve found that I like is the tru smoke brand.  The best part is you can modify the flavor carts to vape a little 2 hitter of chronic which I think is awesome.  The thing is totally undercover too.  So get one of these and get your accessories like the replacement ecigarette batteries and get your undercover toking on!

Are all ecigarette batteries compatible with all ecigarette cartridges?

We’ve been getting this question asked a lot lately – Are all ecigarette batteries compatible with all ecigarette cartrages?  The fast answer is NO.

Not all ecigarette batteries are the same.  They vary in size.  Some have a male while others have a female end.  There are some adapters that allow you to change the ends of your batteries to a female or male end so that you can use different manufacturers of cartridges but those will not work unless the circumferences of your e cigarette battery is the same as the cartridge.


Within the last two years.  Mostly within the last year, many companies are starting to use what is called a cartomizer.  A cartomizer, combines the atomizer and cartridge together into one piece.  Whereas, older models are composed of three parts: a battery, a atomizer, and the nicotine cartridge.

The atomizer has a cooper rod that vaporizes the nicotine solution in the older models.

So if your ecigarette is a three piece unit, you most likely can’t use these new cartomizer and your selection of cartridges is greatly smaller.

Some people still refer to the cartomizer as a cartridge so that will add further confusion.  The key here is to figure out what type of ecigarette you have and the size of it.

It best to take your battery to a store and ask them what will fit and work with your battery.  Otherwise check online to see if the site where you are looking to buy your cartridges has a compatibility chart.  This is your only good way to know if battery will work with any given cartridge.

Hope that helps.

Upgrading your ecigarette battery

Upgrading your ecig battery is not a difficult task.  It can also be done cheap as well.  If you do it right.  The key to upgrading your battery is knowing what side it is.  Then you can upgrade to a larger battery or even a smaller battery so long as the circumference of the battery remains the same – so that you can still plug it into the usb port or charger that came with your start kit.

Most vendors that sell replacement batteries will offer you a chart for you to look up what kind of battery that you have with the appropriate replacement battery.  So its not too difficult and if it doesn’t work you can return it to get your money back.

Those same replacement battery vendors will also have connectors that fit onto their batteries that allow you to buy replacement nicotine cartomizers and/or cartridges as well at a discount price.  So you don’t need to buy your cartridge from the same guy that sold you your starter kits.


Same Batteries

Most people don’t know that there are basically three types of batteries used on all the e cigarettes.  The batteries used in electronic cigarette are very similar to a battery used in a laptop.  Once you know the kind of battery that you have you can buy a replacement battery from a discount vendor for a lot less than from the e cigarette company where you purchased your electronic cigarette kit from.

What this means is that you can save a lot of money buying a generic replacement battery instead of the same battery for double the price.  You can also buy additional e cigarette batteries.  Most replacement e cigarette battery vendors will provide you with a list of the popular e cigarette so that you can use that list to cross reference and find a universal battery that will work with your e cig.  With that information you can order your replacement battery with the knowledge that it will work with no problems.


Welcome to Replacement E Cigarette Batteries!  Do you currently own an electronic cigarette and need to replace your batter?  Do you need an extra electronic cigarette battery so that you can charge one battery while you smoke with the other?  Do you want to save money on the price of replacement batteries?  If you answered, Yes to any of the above questions than you came to the right place.

We will tell you how and where to buy cheap replacement batteries.